A downloadable game for Windows

Version: 1.0 (full)

Year: 2015 Genre: 2D-Action / Arcade / XXX

Game on the network: None

Developer: Indie (Strannik610)

Supported OS: Windows / 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven / 8 / 8.1

Support for x64: Do

Butterflies erotic collection - arcade game where you go on a journey in search of special "butterflies" for his collection, but they are guarded by an army of skeletons that will hinder you to achieve the desired goal. Goal of the game - running from skeletons to collect all the diamonds to open new butterfly in the fight with the skeletons you will be magic elixirs that turn them on for a while in the non-hazardous ghosts. All you need to find the 24 butterfly, each endowed you with the motivation - to find her heart when motivation end (25 attempts) death will be inevitable! "Butterflies" are waiting for you to open them all!


Butterflies erotic collection.zip 16 MB