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Title: Hell-Life
Year: 2015
Genre: FPS, 3D walker (roguelike-like), horror
Developer: Indie (Strannik610)
Engine: RGM 4.41
Platforms: OC Windows
Language: Eng
Description: HELL-LIFE - FPS 3D shooter in which you have to go through all nine circles of Hell that would leave the center of hell on earth. This path will be far from a cakewalk since Hell populated souls of people who died and the demonic minions of Satan with whom you have to fight in the battle for life and death. The goal of each level to explore the hellish labyrinth battle with demons and find the key to the portal to the next circle of Hell.
This new version 1.2 List of changes in the Read Me.
Welcome in the Hell!


Hell-Life v 1.2.zip 20 MB